Student Curriculum Team


At Carwatha College P-12, We, a group of Grade 4 to Year 12 students known as the; Student Curriculum Team” or SCT,
spent Term 2 working together to create opportunities to highlight the College’s strengths and share them with the

These are our strengths that we all agreed we wanted more people to know about as we are extremely proud of

All students are expected to aim high and we celebrate those that do achieve great results and/or learning
growth. It is exciting to do well in our studies and being acknowledged is a bonus. With high expectations,

we Carwatha students try our best to reach our potential. Even outside class, students can often be seen
studying for class, exams, tests, or just working on their homework, taking their learning into their own
hands. Students know the expectations of the College well and strive to reach them; many also do extra
things, in order to reach their full potential.



Junior Secondary Students, who achieve a high score (above 3.2 GPA) on their report are
displayed on a large mountain to represent reaching great heights. It gives students a great sense of pride
and accomplishment to see themselves there be and acknowledged for reaching the high expectations
instilled by the teachers at our school.



Students are given a choice about how they learn. When teachers need to make a decision, they regularly
ask students for their opinions and the students and teachers work together to do something both educational and interesting.
Creative liberty is a choice we are given, and it makes classes more interesting and engaging. In our technical
subjects students can create something of which they can be proud.



Our teachers encourage, nurture, and closely support students. For our students, there is at least one
teacher, but often many, that they can to talk to. Often teachers and students are seen laughing,
sharing stories and catching up about their shared interests. We are comfortable with the teachers, and are
able to ask for help, whether it be about school or things happening outside school. Teachers are also
always willing to help, never ignoring a student in need of support.





One of the many opportunities given to students at Carwatha is participating in instrumental music classes.
Students get to learn an instrument, or have singing lessons, either individually or as a group. It is an
amazing opportunity to learn something new as music stimulates both sides of the brain.



Our school offers various opportunities for individuals to join special interest or leadership groups. Every
year level has captains, as does every, though they aren’t the only forms of leadership available to students. The school also has a Student Curriculum team and Student Representative Council,
which both work to benefit the school and promote student empowerment.

Teachers at our school work with students to encourage a growth mindset, and this is something the SCT has
been promoting to our peers. Students can be seen moving out of their comfort zone with teachers encouraging them as they work hard to reach their goals.

- From the 2021 Student Curriculum Team - Carwatha College P.12