Student Curriculum Team


Student Voice


At Carwatha College P-12, there are many opportunities for students to express their views about teaching and learning and develop their leadership potential.


The Student Curriculum Team (SCT) gives our primary and secondary students the chance to have a say in the College’s teaching and learning programs. In past years, the SCT focused on developing a growth mind-set and highlighting and sharing the College’s strengths with the community. This included reviewing the way we encourage participation and engage students in the classroom and building a sense of school pride.


In recent years, the SCT have explored the purpose and role of the house point system and the design of classroom spaces. We have also supported other teams, such as our Student Representative Council (SRC), to ensure that the work reflects the College’s values.


At Carwatha College P-12, opportunities such as the SCT and SRC allow for student voice and agency. Our student-centred teams provide another chance for students to work closely with teachers in developing relevant and meaningful teaching and learning programs.