Student Leadership


Carwatha College P-12 offers Primary students a diverse range of leadership opportunities. These vary from classroom based ‘monitors’ to being College Captains.Leadership opportunities include College Captains, House Ambassadors, Sports Captains, Arts Captains, Environment Captains and Junior School Council. All leaders are expected to be role models; display reliability and act respectfully and courteously towards all. Students are supported in the development of leadership skills.

College Captains

Students in year 5 are invited to apply for the role of College Captain for the following year. They are taught how to write an application and given skills in developing a portfolio. All students who apply go through an interview process before the Captains are selected.

College Captains perform a number of roles within the College which include:

  • Running the weekly Primary assemblies
  • Acting as tour guides for visitors to the College on important occasions
  • Organising the bell
  • Liaising with staff
  • Organisation of students for special events and days

House Ambassador Captains
Community/House Captains are leaders who work with ‘Community/House teachers. Activities, which may take place for an afternoon or a morning are developed to promote a sense of community within the four houses across the Primary Sector.

International Captain
International Captains are leaders who work with the international program teachers and students.

Environment Captain
The Environment Captains work with the Environment teacher. They promote the need to keep the College environment tidy through a variety of means. They also work in the vegetable garden with teams of students. The Captains may speak at assemblies, organise ‘clean up bees’ make posters or visit classrooms to speak to students.

Arts Captain
The Arts Captains support both the visual and performing arts at the College.  The Captains work closely with the Visual Arts teacher, in organising activities in the Art Room and particularly during the Annual College Art Show. The Arts Captains also play a vital role during the Primary Concert, where they assist the Teacher in Charge by managing backstage and front of house requirements.

Junior School Council
The Junior School Council is made of elected representatives from each of the Primary Classes Prep to year 6. They meet regularly to discuss issues that are raised by classes as well as to promote and organise fundraising for a variety of charitable causes. The students, under the guidance of a teacher, are led by a President, Treasurer and Publicity officer.