Year 7 & 8


Our approach to teaching and learning in Years 7 & 8 is that learning is relevant, rigorous and caters for the needs of individual students.

Clear links are made between learning and the real world through the provision of authentic tasks. Rigour creates and supports high expectations where individuals are supported to work to achieve their very best at all times. Teachers ensure that they know their students well and cater for their individual needs.

Features of our program include:

  • Teachers and students work in teams
  • Focus on literacy and numeracy skills
  • Two teachers teach all of the core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography) , so that they know their students and their needs very well
  • A range of exciting curriculum experiences in The Arts, Technology, PE and Health Education.
  • Strong emphasis on pastoral care
  • Students have a say in their learning
  • A hands on learning environment which is Information Technology rich
  • Exciting teaching and learning techniques and experiences
  • Development of skills that help students work co-operatively, set goals, reflect on their learning and how they can improve in the future
  • Excursions and incursions to support their learning