SEE High Achievers Program

S.E.E Program

This program will be exclusive and selective. Students who show high academic aptitude and have high academic aspirations are encouraged to apply to our SEE program.

Program Goals
SEE has been developed to address the needs of high achieving students who demonstrate academic excellence, high levels of task commitment and outstanding creativity. A ‘high achiever’ must be prepared to take on the challenges offered, be willing to take risks and to set more challenging goals.

The program aims to allow students to:

  • Develop deep understanding and critical thinking skills
  • Enhance their ability to work with more abstract and in-depth course material
  • Become effective problem solvers
  • Successfully work as independent and co-operative learners
  • Create pathways to success for their future study and career aspirations

Program Structure
The program will be delivered to include a:

  • Personalised curriculum with opportunities to respond to the learner’s needs
  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Focus
  • Curriculum differentiated through changes in pace, depth, complexity and teaching method
  • ICT Rich program with 1:1 device
  • Curriculum Aligned Excursions
  • Accelerated VCE (V3) which has no traditional Year 10. All Year 10 students undertake VCE Unit 1 and 2.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Students in the program will fully immerse themselves in the life of the college. They are expected to participate in the following extension activities outside the classroom:

  • Australian Maths Competition
  • Science Talent Search
  • Creative Writer Workshops
  • Public Speaking and Debating Workshops
  • College Instrumental Music Program
  • Leadership and Mentoring
  • Support and Pathways

Students in the program are supported and carefully monitored by key staff, including a team of hand selected, high quality teaching staff to ensure that their specific needs are being catered for. They are provided with the chance to explore future pathways and career opportunities while completing goal-setting and study enhancement programs.


Download the SEE program booklet here


The following data has been collected using Progressive Achievement Tests, which are online assessments developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research to diagnose learning progress and used by about two thirds of schools across Australia.


At Carwatha College P-12, students in the Year 7 SEE High Achiever’s Program are expertly supported to improve and build on their Mathematical skills and their application at a rate more than double the expected annual growth.





At Carwatha College P-12, students in the Year 7 SEE High Achiever’s Program experience mentoring and enhanced curriculum opportunities to hone their reading comprehension skill at a rate double the expected annual growth.