The new college uniform that is compulsory for students in Foundation (prep,), Grade 1, Year 7 and 8 and all new enrolments.  By the start of 2020 the new uniform will be compulsory for all students.

Stocks of the old uniform are very low and we recommend that students in Year 10 for 2019 purchase the new uniform now so as to maximise value for money.  They will then have three years to wear the new uniform.

Stocks of the old uniform are very low and these will not be replenished.

We have included for you details of the new uniform including the new price lists. Full details about the uniform is also available on our college website and samples are on display in the college foyer. 

All families are welcome to purchase the new uniform now and do not have to wait till the compulsory 2020 date.


Primary Uniform Price List

Dress Maroon, blue with white check
Pants Plain black track suit pants (not jeans or cargo pants). Plain black tailored trousers (girls: not stretch, lycra flared yoga pants; no leggings)
Skirt Plain black, any style
Plain black skort
Maroon, blue and fine black check
Shorts Plain black (not bike, or cargo shorts)
Shirt White polo shirt with logo and maroon stripes on collar (short or long sleeves)
Socks White only with shorts, dress, skirt; white or black with trousers
Shoes Black school shoes; black or white runners
Scarf Plain black
Windcheater Maroon Windcheater with college crest or bomber jacket with college crest
Headscarf Plain black; school colours
Hat Burgundy, broad brimmed hat
Jewellery In general, jewellery should not be worn. Ear studs only are permitted. Facial piercings are not allowed. Coloured nail polish is not permitted


Secondary Uniform Price List

Dress Maroon, blue, white check. Narrower cut with button belt at the back.
Pants Black tailored slacks (gabardine only). Available only from the college approved uniform shop. No jeans, cords or tracksuit pants of any type. No stretch, flared dance pants.
Skirt Maroon with blue and fine black check.
Shorts Long tailored black shorts (knee length). Available only  from the college approved uniform shop.
Shirt School uniform polo shirt only, available in short or  long sleeve. This is compulsory for all year levels. White singlets or low cut T-shirts may be worn under polo shirts. No patterns, designs or logos must be obvious.
Socks White only with shorts, dress, skirt. White or black calf  length with trousers
Shoes Boys
Plain, black, leather, school shoes that have no decorative stitching, patterned leather or buckles. May be lace up or slip on – but no pointy, dress or fashion shoes
Shoes Girls
Plain black leather school shoes or school T-bars only. No flat soles or fashion shoes.
Scarf Plain Black
Black tights with winter skirt. Not to be worn with summer dress. Black stockings or leggings are not permitted
Windcheater Maroon jumper/windcheater with the College crest in pale blue (P-10) or gold (VCE)
School polo shirt with logo, maroon shorts, maroon track pants
Hat Black or Burgundy cap with approved College Logo
Jacket College jacket. The only acceptable jacket is the one purchased through the college approved uniform shop. Only to be worn over a college jumper
Headscarf Plain black or white
Compulsory item available only through the college - not PSW.
Jewellery In general, jewellery should not be worn. Ear studs only are permitted. Facial piercings are not allowed.
Make Up
If worn, should be light and tasteful. This includes hair colouring. Coloured nail polish is not permitted.

Second hand uniforms

The College is conscious of the need to provide an efficient process for families to be able to buy and sell second hand uniform.  We are happy to announce the sustainable school shop website that Carwatha College P-12 has previously directed parents to use for second hand books now offers buying and selling of second hand uniforms.

Please go to:  www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au


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