Carwatha College P-12 Student Curriculum team

The College Student Curriculum Team are a group of students who are passionate about working with teachers and their student peers to improve on the already excellent teaching and learning that happens everyday in the classrooms at the College.

 In the past, students in this team have been responsible for creating changes in the way teachers engage learners and seek feedback from their learners, as well as, supporting students on how to have a growth mindset when approaching new learning. Last week, all students from Grade 5- Year were invited to find out more about the team and join. To demonstrate how lots of moving parts working together are needed to achieve a goal, students participated in a pipe cleaner tower challenge. They concluded that a strong vision, communication and innovation are all important to make the dream work! If you would like more information about the amazing student leadership opportunities or the learning programs at the College, please do not hesitate to contact us on 9795 5848.