Exciting News for Carwatha Football College

WE ARE EXCITED to announce that in 2023 we will have a brand-new ready to use synthetic pitch. Another step forward towards a bigger and better program!

It has been a pleasure to work with Carwatha College P-12 over the last four years and get to this incredible point which will see us bring a new synthetic pitch to our school! Four years ago, we started with 6 students in the program and now we have 76 students learning about football while at school including a Certificate III VET Sports and Recreation Football program open to external students! A massive shout out to principal Pat Mulcahy and lead teacher Bobbie Peters who have been there from the start and saw our vision!

In 2023, our school program will give students access to a new Synthetic pitch that will be Stage 1 of our rebuild. Stage 2 will include two small sided synthetic pitches!

Also, a massive thank you to our coaching staff for their incredible work and our marketing team! We can’t wait to see where our program goes! It’s an EXCITING time ahead.

Carwatha Football College.