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Camp Gallipoli 2015

On Friday April 24th, eight Year 11 students and three staff members participated in the Camp Gallipoli overnight camp at the Melbourne Showgrounds. This was one of many events held around Australia to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Gallipoli.

We arrived at the Showgrounds at 3.30pm and were fortunate in setting up our sleeping bags in the best position at the event. There were many other school groups and young families present, and there was a very friendly vibe in the air. Throughout the afternoon we were entertained by military bands, choirs singing songs from the war years, interviews with soldiers from past wars, and documentaries on large screens showing footage from World War One. Later in the evening we lined up in the mess hall for our evening meal, and then we were entertained by Shannon Noll.

During the evening Mr Murphy had been tracking an approaching storm on his phone and unfortunately just as they started the movie, The Water Diviner, the rain came down. Within minutes everything was wet. Only the people in swags remained dry. We grabbed up our wet gear and ran into a large pavilion to be out of the rain, which fell steadily for the rest of the night.

Nobody complained about being wet and cold. We all thought it was quite an adventure and it gave us the tiniest insight into what the conditions must have been like for our young soldiers. We participated in the Dawn Service, then packed up our wet belongings and drove back to school.

Overall it was an amazing experience for our students, and the atmosphere at the event, in spite of the weather conditions, was fantastic. Students that attended were Danis Beung, Julien Florent, Evelyn Fruhwald, Mirna Hassouneh, Evan Kokkinos, Tre Laws, Mia Marchidan and Deborah Whitaker. The staff who generously gave up their time were Leigh Murphy, Jenny Famularo and Maree Wood.



Congratulations to Year 12 student, Natasha Martin, on being selected to participate in the Monash University program, Insight into Para-medicine. Natasha’s written application was chosen, based on her keen interest in the field. Well done Tash!

In a big week for Natalie Ilievski, she learnt that she has been accepted into the Melbourne Neuro-Science program for her week of work experience later this year. Congratulations, Natalie, on actively chasing your dream!


Success in the ArtsTwo of Fuad’s photographic works are on display in the college office foyer.



Commencing in 2015, all Year 10 students at Carwatha begin their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) studies. They will study the VCE or VCAL over 3 years.

This is not intended to be just another acceleration program, but is an innovative, personalised approach to learning. It provides students with broader choices and opportunities to extend and consolidate their learning, with the aim of improved outcomes for all.

Why V3?

Please contact the school for more information about V3 or for an appointment to visit the college.


Meet Shadow, the newest member of our Student Wellbeing team. His role includes: supporting students; visiting classes and the Inclusion Centre; meeting parents; yard duty; participating in Student Support Group meetings . . . and much, much more. These are some students' comments about Shadow and his work:


  • "We love Shadow"
  • "Why doesn't Shadow come to school every day?"
  • "I want to curl up and cuddle Shadow forever"
  • "Shadow calms me down and helps me to cope"
  • "Having Shadow at school makes everyone smile"
  • "He helps me to concentrate on my work"

Shadow sits by students as they receive counselling in the Student Wellbeing Centre. His achievements have included:


  • sitting with a Year 8 girl, paw on her knee as she tearfully explained how she had been bullied;
  • accompanying a very anxious student as she completed her mid-year examination;
  • supporting a VCAL student, who spent 2 hours with Shadow, successfully planning his work placement;
  • helping students to communicate with one another.


EAL students celebrate ‘Cultural Diversity Week’ at Carwatha

EAL students in years 7, 8 and 9 celebrated diversity as part of the unit ‘Understanding Identity’. Cultural Diversity Week provided an opportunity for students to celebrate Australia’s rich cultural and linguistic diversity, while helping them develop an insight into the shaping of their own identities. A multicultural lunch was organised and students were asked to bring a plate of food from their cultures to share. Students decorated the venue with flags from their background countries, taking pride in their cultural heritage, showcasing facets of their multicultural identity. The event helped students celebrate communal harmony and promote mutual understanding and respect.

Students also had an opportunity to visit the ‘Melbourne Story’ exhibit at the Melbourne Museum. Prior to the excursion, students researched significant events, places and historical figures that have shaped Melbourne as we know it today. They applied the fundamental communication methods in pooling their ideas to create a timeline of these significant events. This was followed by the visit to Melbourne Museum, where students accessed stimulus materials on different cultural groups, and learnt about their contribution to the Australian way of life and the development of Australian multicultural society.

Multicultural Day

Last year, SRC students organised the Multicultural Day. This idea was initiated by the SRC and has now been embraced as a tradition at our school. There was an assembly in the morning, showcasing student performances such as dances, songs, instrumental music and poem recitals from different cultures in our school. There was also a multicultural display showing special artefacts from the students’ cultures. Students dressed up in their cultural clothes to celebrate their backgrounds and being part of multiculturalism at our school. .


The Year 11 Business Management class ran their own business, selling a variety of different foods from cultures all around the world, as part of their assessment. Students and staff bought food such as cevapis, nachos, wedges, Dutch pancakes, Greek chicken skewers, butter chicken, churros, kebabs and drinks.   SRC 2014


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